Acme DIN Rail Power Supply

Acme Electric has added a new line of DIN rail mountable DC power supplies to the existing power supply family. The DM Series power supplies provide optimal switching technology in a compact package. Product is available from 15 - 960 watts and 5 - 48 volts in single phase or three phase and metal or plastic housings. Product offering includes single phase, slim-line single phase, plastic single phase and three phase. Save space and money with Acme Power Supplies!

Ferraz Shawmut USFM

Ferraz Shawmut UltraSafe™ Fuse Modules have a unique, compact design suited for use with 45mm wide IEC contactors. These modules also offer other features not found on other Class CC and midget UltraSafe fuse holders such as an auxiliary contact option. When the auxiliary is wired to an adjacent contactor the load is dropped out by the contactor immediately once someone tries to open the fuse extractor handle. Additionally, the fuse module features padlock capabilities, compact busbars for line side terminations, and tool free removal from DIN rail. Yet the fuse modules still incorporate well known UltraSafe features such as IP20 protection, easy operating fuse extraction handles and an open fuse visual indication option.

Emon Green Meter

With world focus on green building sustainability, E-Mon introduces its Green Class meters. E-Mon D-Mon Green Class meters offer environmentally conscious users the ability to establish benchmark energy usage data, monitor usage trends, record the impact of energy conservation efforts and measurement & verification of ongoing effectiveness of energy savings programs. The meter is ideal for complying with various programs including LEED, EPACT 2005, demand response and renewable energy initiatives. Make E-Mon D-Mon Green Class meters part of your Green Building. Whether displayed in lobbies, tenant spaces or electrical rooms, the Green Class E-Mon D-Mon gets everyone involved in saving energy.

Fluke Ti10 & Ti25

The Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 are the perfect tools to add to your problem solving arsenal. Built for tough work environments, these high-performance, fully radiometric imagers are ideal for troubleshooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process instrumentation, HVAC equipment and others.